Micronclean celebrates Valentine's Day with new video

Delta is the latest product in the market from Micronclean. A neutral detergent, Delta has been developed for use within cleanrooms alongside the company's existing rotational disinfectants, Alpha and Beta.

To celebrate the launch, the cleanroom supplies specialist has released the special Valentine's Day video featured on this page.

The new product enters the market tapping into the latest GMP guidance. The new Annex 1 draws a distinction between cleaning and disinfection with a clear statement that for the disinfectant to be effective it must follow a cleaning stage.

Micronclean's Delta has been developed to be fully compatible with cleanroom disinfection regimes by having the following key features:

  • Micronclean Launch Delta Low foaming formulation – this reduces the risk of streaks and staining when in use which could affect the subsequent disinfectant effectiveness.
  • Neutral (pH 6.5-7.5) – to ensure that it is non-corrosive and will not damage hard surfaces.
  • Supplied Pre-mixed -to ensure a homogenous distribution of the active ingredient.
  • Manufactured with WFI – to ensure maximum cleanroom compatibility with cleanroom environment.
  • Gamma Irradiated – to give a sterile product with a two-year shelf life.

Delta will be available in the following forms: Sterile reusable laundered mops, Sterile 950ml trigger sprays and Sterile 5L RFU.

In addition, Micronclean said the company is working on other product forms which will be released in due course. These include Sterile pre-saturated wipes and Sterile disposable mops.

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