Microbiologists value flexibility and quality in Redipor prepared media products

Market research confirms Cherwell as a leading prepared microbiological media supplier

The Redipor offering encompasses a comprehensive selection of media types and quantities to accommodate a broad range of microbiological testing needs

Cherwell Laboratories’ reputation as a leading supplier of high-quality prepared microbiological media has been endorsed following a recent market research study. Results from this demonstrate that Cherwell is highly regarded by both customers and prospective customers in all areas, including Redipor product quality, flexibility of supply, reliability and efficiency at dealing with any customer’s problem.

Cherwell commissioned an in-depth market research project to gain a better understanding of the prepared microbiological media market and the needs of its customers. Companies were invited to complete an anonymous online questionnaire regarding their current and expected usage of prepared media, plus their perceptions of the main suppliers within the market.


Notably, those surveyed rated Cherwell as the top ‘go-to’ company for bespoke prepared media solutions and also the most flexible with regards to volumes ordered. These key findings endorse Cherwell’s Redipor offering, which encompasses a comprehensive selection of media types and quantities to accommodate a broad range of microbiological testing needs. This means Cherwell can provide small batches for specialist, low volume users plus bespoke solutions to meet specific requirements, alongside high volume environmental monitoring products.

'The market research confirms Cherwell’s reputation within the industry for offering high quality prepared media products with the flexibility to meet specific customer requirements,' said Andy Whittard, Managing Director, Cherwell Laboratories. 'We are committed to ensuring that this flexibility and our level of customer service is maintained as we continue to grow.


'As a thank you to everyone who participated in the market research, Cherwell has made a donation to Thames Valley & Chiltern Air Ambulance.'


To sustain customer satisfaction levels and meet the increasing demand for Redipor prepared media, Cherwell is further increasing its production capabilities with an extension to its cleanroom production suite. The work, scheduled for completion during Spring 2014, will provide more production space and enable investment in additional production equipment and trained staff to ensure demand can be met while retaining Cherwell’s widely recognised flexibility.

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