Lay-up cabinet - a completely self-contained solution for any operating theatre


Medical Air Technology (MAT) recently launched the latest version of its unique, self-contained lay-up cabinet, an innovative solution to a difficult challenge: HTM 03-01 states that “laying-up in the clean zone is preferable for infection control reasons”, but this is not always possible due to limited space. Where this is the case, the MAT lay-up cabinet provides the ideal solution, creating a mini-clean zone and facilitating good infection control practice, maintaining the safety of both patient and healthcare professional.

The cabinet is fully self-contained and requires only a 13 amp power supply, making it ideal for installation within existing conventional theatres or prep rooms that may require extra protection from airborne bacteria. Medical equipment placed under the cabinet’s diffuser is bathed in uni-directional HEPA-filtered air, which passes directly over the sterile instrument tray. It provides in excess of 1,000 air changes per hour over the instruments, many times more even than under a UCV canopy, creating a safe, sterile lay-up area. The instrument tray can then be covered with a sterile cloth and taken into the operating theatre clean zone.

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Requiring only 1.4m of free wall space and minimum installation time, MAT’s lay-up cabinet is the perfect solution when space is limited, but infection control essential. It also helps operating theatres to run more efficiently by reducing downtime due to contamination issues, supporting the hospital’s infection control regimen. This newest and most advanced version of the cabinet is available in three sizes, and features an electronic control panel, adjustable fan speed, integral LED lighting and a high quality powder-coated finish. MAT’s range of ultraclean ventilation canopies, ECO-flow, meant the company had the experience and engineering expertise to produce a piece of equipment that is practical, easy to install, and highly effective.

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