Laboratory glassware care partnership announced

Miele and DWK Life Sciences have announced a partnership to provide training initiatives for glassware care

High quality glassware is essential to reliable and accurate laboratory results, and requires appropriate reprocessing to ensure continued performance and a long service life.

Miele, headquartered in Germany, a global specialist in washing equipment, has partnered with DWK Life Sciences, precision labware providers, to provide supporting training initiatives in glassware use.

Miele will also become DWK Life Sciences' recommended brand for laboratory washer disinfectors.

SCHOTT is the UK representative for Duran laboratory glassware, on behalf of DWK Life Sciences (formerly Duran Group).

Siobhan Hudson, sales manager of laboratory glassware, commented: “Knowing how to clean and look after glassware is essential for sustainable use, and thorough yet gentle washing is critical to this. Miele has a long-standing relationship with DWK Life Sciences, which is a testament to both companies’ commitment to developing high quality products for the laboratory.”

“Given our positioning as a premium brand in the market, it makes sense to recommend Miele’s washer disinfectors for reprocessing our DURAN laboratory glassware, as our customers need reliable and efficient products for day-to-day laboratory use, with quick operating times to ensure fast turnarounds.”