Kimtech Science PPE now available in Biosafety Level bundles


Healthy, safe and productive people create exceptional, sustainable science

Kimtech personal protection equipment from Kimberly-Clark Professional is now available for sale in bundles appropriate to standard laboratory Biosafety Levels (BSL-) 1-3 and for use in epidemic, field-based, responses.

This new product strategy is just one element of Kimberly-Clark’s efforts to help laboratory managers focus on creating healthier, safer and more efficient laboratories by ensuring the purchase of appropriate personal protection equipment (PPE) is as easy as possible. Download Kimtech's Healthy, Safe and Productive People create Exceptional Sustainable science brochure for further details.

Selection of appropriate PPE can be a complex and time-consuming process. Within Good Microbiological Technique (GMT) and Good Laboratory Practices (GLP), laboratories are designated according to their design features, construction and containment facilities as Biosafety Levels 1-4. These levels are designated in ascending order, by degree of protection provided to personnel, the environment, and the community.

So by selling gloves, masks, lab coats, footwear and safety goggles in bundles suited specifically to each Biosafety Level (1-3 only), Kimberly-Clark Professional simplifies the selection process dramatically.

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In addition to understanding biosafety levels, laboratory managers and their teams must also assess other factors such as contamination and chemical risks before choosing the appropriate PPE. Free tools and services to help laboratory managers understand and engage employees in personal protection and contamination issues are available via Kimberly-Clark Professional’s Exceptional Laboratories portal.

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