Introducing TimestripPlus


Helping you to cost effectively manage the cold chain from aseptic manufacture through to delivery to the patient

Vaccines and some cytotoxic drugs can be rendered ineffective or lose efficacy if they are stored above 8°C. Traditional methods of cold chain management rely on data loggers and time consuming manual recording of temperatures.

TimestripPlus is the only device that can effectively record a breach in the cold chain and indicate the length of time that the breach occurred.

TimestripPlus is a simple single use device that can be attached to any temperature sensitive drug or vaccine using the adhesive backing. Once activated at room temperature, the irreversible temperature indicators will not only record any breaches in the cold chain temperature, but will also record the length of time that a product has spent outside the required temperature range up to a maximum of eight hours.

TimestripPlus is an extremely useful indicator to use where drugs are manufactured in pharmacy, placed in a refrigerator for storage and later transported to wards or other hospital departments. Using TimestripPlus ensures confidence that a product has not been exposed to a breach in temperature throughout the manufacturing and transportation process and costly drugs that are unused could be returned to the fridge for reissue.

TimestripPlus has been independently validated and will provide cumulative temperature breach information easily showing if the product has risen above 12°C and for how long.

Free samples of TimestripPlus are available to try in your cold chain.