ISPE hosts National Biopharmaceutical Manufacturing Centre facility tour in July


Ardmac was contracted by Interserve Construction to design and install the specialist clean areas of the National Biopharmaceutical Manufacturing Centre in Darlington

The new centre, which forms part of Centre for Process Innovation, helps companies of all sizes in the biologics market to develop, prove, demonstrate, scale up and ultimately commercialise new biologics process technologies.

Biological medicines already account for around 10 – 15% of the current UK pharmaceutical market and the sector is outperforming the market as a whole. Significantly, more than one-fifth of new medicines launched on the world market each year are now biotechnology-derived. This will likely grow with the scientific advances currently underway; and the application of biotechnology in healthcare is leading to an increasing number of innovative products. The flagship National Biologics Centre is part of the UK Governments Strategy for Life Science and will help UK companies to develop a competitive foothold in the growing global biopharmaceutical market. 

All labs and cleanrooms were designed to accommodate flexibility for a number of different processes and therefore the architectural finishes needed to allow for high levels of services to each room.  For such highly serviced environments, Ardmac employed a flexible approach to their construction methodology. Walls were installed initially, followed by the ceiling. This gave provision for the M&E first fix installation program to overlap with the architectural fit out of the walls.

Ardmac worked extremely closely with both the architect and Interserve’s M&E team to create a fully integrated BIM model to ensure that all project functions were working towards the same goal – a cutting edge, high quality, high GMP centre of process excellence. 

The UK branch ISPE with CPI are hosting a tour of the new National Biopharmaceutical Manufacturing Centre (NBMC) in Darlington on 7th July. This centre for process innovation is now fully operational and has a series of contracts that are supporting UK Biopharmaceutical development, as part of the CPI’s portfolio.

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