ISO Cleanroom joins facilities management network


The UK-based cleanroom design, maintenance, and validation firm has joined a member network that connects buyers and sellers in the facilities management industry

Toni Horsfield, founder of ISO Cleanroom

Toni Horsfield, founder of ISO Cleanroom

FM Company has welcomed ISO Cleanroom to its member network.

FM Company is a facilities management business network that aims to connect buyers and sellers in a whole new way. The company can help a cleaning company looking for new contracts, a recruitment company in search of the best talent or a hotel manager in need of a plumber. FM Company cuts out the middleman.

As the company's new network member, ISO Cleanroom can design, validate and maintain industry-leading ISO class cleanroom environments. "We offer cleanroom solutions according to your specifications giving you the most appropriate classified environment for your process."

ISO work with some of the world’s largest brands including; NASA, Airbus Defence and Space in partnership with ESA, Boeing, Rolls Royce, RAF, F1, Sony, Microsoft, Dolby, Bosch Rexroth, Continental and Balfour Beatty.

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"[ISO Cleanroom are] an amazing addition to the Platform and very suited to work with a number of Members already signed up!" stated FM Company.

ISO Cleanroom's journey

Toni Horsfield (pictured) founded the in late 2021 and has been with it ever since.

Joining this network is in keeping with the growth of ISO Cleanroom, which back at the end of 2022, grew out of its previous UK base and had to move to a larger facility.

[ISO Cleanroom are] an amazing addition to the Platform and very suited to work with a number of Members already signed up

The company also won the Gold Start Up Business of the Year Award at the NECBAwards 2022.

With the release of the new cleanroom regulations, Annex 1, which will require a lot of change for many cleanroom operators, it is likely that ISO Cleanroom will be very busy in the near future.

FM Company updates

Aside from all its regular events, FM Company also have some pivotal changes coming for the platform as a whole. 

First up, it will be upgrading its mobile application branding to align with our current sitewide offering, bringing a totally unified feel across all areas.

Next, the company will introduce the ability for Members to add documents and A=accreditations to their profiles, ultimately saving buyers time when searching for the most suitable contractor.

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Later this year the platform company will also be revealing its Gold FMer Subscription option. This package will be overflowing with Member benefits, including gold-tagged profiles, exclusive access to special event days and main screen advertising at the Big FMer.