Grifols' Misterium cleanroom solutions expanded to include systems for pharma preparation


Grifols is now exclusive US distributor for airinspace air decontamination and surface disinfection technologies

Grifols, a global producer of plasma-derived medicines and provider of sterile compounding-related technologies and services for hospitals, clinics and compounding centers, has reached an exclusive agreement with the French company airinspace to distribute mobile air decontamination systems and protective environment solutions for healthcare settings.

Together with Grifols' Misterium cleanroom solutions and operational consulting services, the distributorship with airinspace offers customers a more complete solution for mobile cleanroom technology.

To comply with United States Pharmacopeia (USP) Chapters <797> and <800>, many hospitals realise that changes or renovations to their current compounding environments are necessary. Aging infrastructure, deteriorating materials, uncontrolled air streams, improper filtration and contaminated systems can compromise the environment by introducing opportunities for cross contamination, poor cleanability and critical leaks.

"A fully compliant compounding pharmacy programme starts with an adequate environmental analysis and the proper design and construction of primary engineering controls," said Juan Miguel Cana, General Manager, North America Sales, Grifols Hospital Division.

"Designing and building a cleanroom can be challenging on many levels. Continued operation is essential but construction is a dirty job and cleanroom environments must be protected and continuously monitored. Together, Grifols and airinspace help healthcare institutions complete this transition to USP compliance with our robust portfolio of cleanroom solutions."

The airinspace PLASMAIR air decontamination unit with HEPA-MD offers unique and proprietary technology, which is validated to destroy a full spectrum of airborne microorganisms. The technologies augment the effectiveness of existing cleanrooms and segregated compounding areas, as well as serve as air quality control mechanisms in temporary cleanrooms during pharmacy renovations.

The airinspace HPVPA disinfection system diffuses a cold hydrogen peroxide and peracetic acid solution to destroy bacteria, spores, fungi and yeasts, viruses and mycobacteria, including Myobacterium tuberculosis.

Airinspace provides customers with expertise, audit, and smart solutions to control microbial, particle and chemical contamination in hospitals and critical areas. It develops, manufactures and supplies a range of air purifiers and solutions for protected environments.

The company has also created a mist fogging technology for surface disinfection HPVPA as a highly effective process for infectious outbreak containment, disinfection of airborne infection isolation rooms (AIIRs), and preparation of protected environments for immunocompromised patients and critical applications.

Grifols Hospital Division menwhile aims to take pharmacy technology and service to new levels of flexibility, proficiency and accuracy with Grifols i.v.TOOLS, a suite of scalable products and services designed to help meet the needs of pharmacies for safety, efficiency, and regulatory compliance during compounded sterile preparation production. i.v.TOOLS includes:

  • KIRO Oncology and KIRO SP robotics for automated compounding of sterile preparations
  • Misterium cleanrooms, equipment, and engineering services
  • Phocus Rx IV workflow management systems
  • Gri-Fill semi-automated compounder
  • DOSI-FUSER single-use, continuous-infusion devices
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