Gerflor expands cleanroom flooring solutions for 2015

Includes Mipolam Biocontrol Performance, GTI Control EL5 and a new Clean Corner system

Gerflor highlighted three new flooring solutions at ACHEMA

The latest cleanroom flooring solution from Gerflor, an international specialist in floorcoverings, is Mipolam Biocontrol Performance, which offers particle contamination control under ISO3 according to ISO14644-1 and meets ISO-AMCm Class 9.6 according to ISO14644-8. It has been treated with a special antistatic coating and is also chemically resistant. In addition, it offers resistance against heavy loads up to 5MPa or 500T/m2.

Mipolam Biocontrol Performance also complies with GMP Class A for micro-biological cleanliness and is said to offer good resistance to bio-decontamination procedures such as Bioquell's hydrogen vapour technology.

Also new in 2015 from Gerflor is GTI Control EL5, a fast renovation flooring solution for cleanrooms. This product is easy to install since it is loose laid and therefore does not require any glue; it is also easy to replace and repair, if necessary. It has been specifically designed for cleanrooms, offering a smooth surface, high resistance to chemicals and resistance to heavy traffic. It can also be hot welded to produce a watertight system. It offers static conductive properties if installed with a copper strip, the company says.

Gerflor's third new product for 2015 is a Clean Corner System for contamination control in cleanrooms. This is watertight, resistant and durable, easy to clean and decontaminate as therre are no acute angles and offers a clean, attractive and uniform finish.

All of the products were on display at ACHEMA in Frankfurt.