G-CON Manufacturing and AES Clean Technology to collaborate on future cleanroom projects


Companies say the collaboration is the unique partnership, which makes the cleanroom design portfolio larger and more attractive for the end-user

AES Clean Technology and G-CON Manufacturing have entered into a non-exclusive collaboration to work together on certain pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical projects requiring cleanroom space to further expand the reach of both companies in providing turnkey cleanroom solutions. The collaboration provides customers with a full menu of options for their cleanroom projects when working with either company and enables a wider variety of cleanroom infrastructures and designs, and an ability to determine the optimal choice by the end-user.

'We are seeing a paradigm shift in the industry. The inflexibility of large volume brick and mortar facilities are now well understood and the desire for modular facilities is much more commonplace,' said Maik Jornitz, President of G-CON. 'As the industry recognises the need for modular facilities, we need to provide the best solutions possible. Our focus is whatever is best for the customer and that may be a total POD solution, a total AES solution, or a hybrid approach.

'In single-use processing technologies, the most common optimal design is a hybrid solution and we fully expect that to be true in many facility cases. This means that our PODs will be merged with AES’ modular panel structures to provide the most cost effective and robust solution.'

Ralph Melfi, AES Clean Technology Vice President of Sales and Marketing, added: 'AES continues to integrate the latest technology and solutions available in the market to best serve our growing multi-national client base. The G-CON PODs give us the ability to integrate fully functional production modules into our overall modular delivery programme, help accelerate the project delivery schedule and reduce the client’s overall validation time cycle.

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'With G-CON now integrating the AES modular Pharma Wall System into the POD, the interior core POD areas blend seamlessly with the balance of the AES facility build-out.'

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