G-CON Manufacturing adds 60,000 sq ft facility for POD manufacturing


G-CON continues its campus expansion to meet the growing demand for prefabricated cleanrooms

G-CON Manufacturing adds 60,000 sq ft facility for POD manufacturing

G-CON Manufacturing, the leader in off-site built, pre-qualified cleanroom solutions, today announced another facility expansion, increasing its U.S. based cleanroom construction site from 189,000 sq. ft. to 245,000 sq. ft. The expansion boosts G-CON’s production capacity to 355 PODs per year at its U.S. site, allowing the company to provide its growing client base with the benefits of off-site cleanroom construction and eliminating bottlenecks and interruptions often associated with onsite construction.

G-CON broke ground on the facility in July. The structure will be complete in November and fully operational in the first quarter of 2021.

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“Ten years ago, we started with 12,000 square feet of rented space and to see that grow into 245,000 square feet is truly remarkable. We are very gratified to be a part of the pharma industry’s acceptance of prefabricated cleanrooms for small, large and mission critical projects that require quality and expedited timeframes for completion,” said Sid Backstrom, Vice President, Business Management. “With this expansion, we further ensure that we can reliably provide the cleanroom solutions that our clients require in their production of life-saving therapies, thereby honoring our ‘BUILDING FOR LIFE’ purpose.”