FMI's valveless piston pumps are suitable for hydrogen peroxide metering


H2O2 is used in many pharma, medical and food applications as an effective sterilising agent

Fluid Metering Inc (FMI), a US supplier of pumps to the chemical, pharmaceutical, food, water treatment, filtration, environmental monitoring and food processing industries, based in Syosset, NY, says its valveless, ceramic metering pumps are suitable for metering concentrated hydrogen peroxide.

Hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) is used in many food, pharmaceutical, and medical applications as an effective sterilising agent.

Accurate dispensing of H2O2 is critical to container sealing during the aseptic packaging process for a variety of food products.

In pharmaceutical and medical applications, vaporised hydrogen peroxide is a low temperature sterilisation method used to decontaminate everything from components and instruments to entire laboratories, cleanrooms, and hospital operating rooms.

FMI pumps feature only one moving part, a ceramic piston, in contact with the fluid. Chemically inert and dimensionally stable, ceramics offer both excellent chemical and wear resistance.

The pumps also use the CeramPump pumping principle whereby the ceramic piston accomplishes both the pumping and valving functions resulting in a unique design that eliminates all check valves, the firm says.

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These features make FMI pumps suitable for OEM sterilisation equipment since they provide maintenance-free operation for millions of cycles, at a precision of 0.5% or better without the need for recalibration.

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