FLEXcon cleanroom achieves ISO Class 7 certification


Ensures that consumer electronic products meet tight cleanliness specifications

US equipment calibration company Certification & Calibration Services has certified FLEXcon’s new cleanroom to ISO Class 7.

FLEXcon, a US specialist in adhesive coating and laminating, says the certification will enable it to implement a new standard of manufacturing for pressure-sensitive applications in the consumer electronics sector.

The requirement for products that are free of dust, dirt, debris and particles is particularly important in electronics applications where finished products must meet tight cleanliness specifications. FLEXcon is therefore committed to providing customers with materials that have a low level of airborne contaminants and achieved certification by ensuring that its 24in cleanroom line is capable of running products that meet the ISO Class 7 cleanroom standard. Quality materials are brought to FLEXcon and certified as suitable for this environment.

“This is a great new capability FLEXcon is adding to enhance our product offerings for our customers in the consumer electronics segments,” said Michelle Ostiguy, Director, Photovoltaic and Barrier, FLEXcon. “The certification will allow us to provide customers with custom product constructions that are in compliance with cleanliness specifications.”

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The cleanroom can support both solvent- and water-based coatings that can be cured through thermoset or UV curing methods. The machinery has sophisticated handling capabilities to manufacture product that is suitable for clean applications. Constant monitoring of the HEPA-filtered environment ensures stable production.