Esco Pharma adds containment barrier isolator (CBI) range to portfolio


Suitable for a number of applications including pharmacy compounding, small-scale potent material handling and aseptic processing

Esco Pharma, a Singapore-based manufacturer of clean air and containment solutions, has added a containment barrier isolator (CBI) to its portfolio.

The company says the Esco CBI retains the same functionality and platform engineering pioneered by the company in its existing suite of isolators while adding new features.

The CBI is suitable for applications in pharmacy compounding (chemotherapy/TPN); as a Class III cabinet for Biosafety Levels (BSL) 3 and 4; and for small batch sterility testing. It can also be used for small-scale potent material handling, cell processing, aseptic processing and for research and development, the company says.

The new isolator provides full unidirectional airflow across the entire work zone and is available in re-circulatory or single-pass options, in either positive or negative pressure. It is built with a single-piece carcasse and 19mm coved ball radius corners on all four base corners. This allows third party equipment and other process instrumentation to be incorporated.

Coved corners allow hydrogen peroxide vapours to reach all corners, hence all surfaces can be easily biodecontaminated to a 6 log reduction. Its single-piece design allows rapid surface decontamination/sterilisation and easy cleaning in the event of any spillages.

Esco CBI is also available with two different dynamic pass-through hatches sizes: a larger one with optional glove ports and a smaller one without glove ports that allows integration of a CCTV.

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In addition, optional sliding trays (perforated or non-perforated) can be provided.