Energy efficiency case study: Fume Cupboard C-Foils Trials


Independent study shows significant savings in energy and costs

Sector: Laboratory

Client: Wilton Centre

Location: United Kingdom

Project Challenge

By improving the containment of a fume cupboard you can safely reduce the capture face velocity (CFV), subsequently reducing its energy consumption and operating costs.

Project Brief

EECO2 conducted an independent study of the C-foil to determine the potential benefits of using the device as an aid in reducing fume cupboard energy consumption. Comparison results were based on containment robustness testing using SF6 gas as defined in ISO 14175 also backed up with smoke visualisation tests to show air flow patterns.



C-foils improve the containment robustness of the fume cupboard by reducing the impact of certain external influences, such as an operator walking past, thus enabling the safe reduction of the capture face velocity without compromising operator safety.

At 0.4m/s, an improvement of between 30% and 50% on containment robustness was seen when the C-foils were installed, enabling the cupboard to provide a similar protection when operating at 0.5m/s (without C-foils).

Significant energy savings in fan, heating and cooling energy were identified due to the subsequent reduction in the required fresh air volume required following the installation of the C-foils.

Installation is quick and easy with very little downtime.


Benefits are dependent on fume cupboard design i.e. a fume cupboard that is more than 15 years is not designed to operate at a face velocity of <0.5m/s and the C-foils may not improve containment sufficiently.

Some cupboards more than 20 years old tested with C-foils did not demonstrate any improvement in containment robustness.


Annual energy savings: 12,900 kWh per fume cupboard

Energy cost savings identified: £372 per fume cupboard

Emissions reduction identified: 3 tonnes CO2 per fume cupboard

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Benefits vary depending on the supply and extract control system of the fume cupboard and associated laboratory. See more at: here.

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