Ecolab's new sanitiser promotes food safety, quality assurance and productivity


Traceable chemistry combined with advanced analytics provides greater visibility into critical cleaning and sanitising performance

Ecolab has introduced Synergex, a US EPA-registered, mixed peracid sanitiser and disinfectant designed to help dairy, food, beverage and brewery processors ensure food quality.

Designed for use on most hard, non-porous surfaces and in clean-in-place (CIP) applications, Synergex is an innovative, traceable chemistry that helps processors improve productivity and reduce environmental impact when used with Ecolab’s innovative inline monitoring system, 3D TRASAR Technology for CIP. This coupling of chemistry and real-time monitoring promotes faster decision making and improved compliance with food safety regulations.

3D TRASAR Technology for CIP is a real-time optimisation programme utilising advanced sensors to monitor traced chemistry such as Synergex for unmatched visibility into critical cleaning and sanitising process performance. Automation of real-time data collection and analytics provides customers with the actionable insights necessary to strategically and effectively optimise their operations, resulting in increased productivity and product quality at a lower total cost of operation.

'When we combine Synergex with our 3D TRASAR technology and technical expertise, we can provide greater visibility into our customer’s most pressing and diverse challenges,' said Nick Alfano, Ecolab executive vice president and general manager, Global Food & Beverage. 'Our technical experts analyse this information and partner with customers to implement corrective actions that help safeguard food safety.'

In addition to featuring a powerful antimicrobial agent that helps protect against many pathogenic micro-organisms, yeast, mould and spoilage organisms, Synergex also reduces day-to-day variability in quality levels.

'For fresh milk, Synergex has been shown to reduce day-to-day process variability by up to 40% while increasing days of quality assurance by up to 15%,' said Kristine Williams, vice president, Research, Development and Engineering, Ecolab Food & Beverage. 'Increased quality assurance is critical as processors seek to expand distribution channels and offerings, reduce waste, and improve profitability in today’s highly competitive market.'

Synergex also is designed to help processers improve plant productivity. The patented chemistry aids mineral, hard water and milk soil removal, and optimises CIP cycle time. And because Synergex is traceable with Ecolab’s 3D TRASAR Technology for CIP, food and beverage processors can more accurately measure compliance to quality standards with proof of delivery data, optimise water and energy use, and reduce waste.

The patented Synergex chemistry and delivery system enhances plant safety and reduces environmental impact. The closed-loop dispensing equipment, designed with a unique quick-connect drum closure, reduces exposure to the concentrated product. And the product’s formulation has fewer volatiles than traditional mixed peracid and peroxyacetic acids, helping to improve air quality and reduce odour.

This effective no-phosphorous sanitiser is formulated to reduce peracid in the plant effluent stream and can potentially eliminate the acid wash step, further minimising potential phosphate-related effluent fees and water consumption in food and beverage processing plants.

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Synergex is available now in the US, Canada, Australia and New Zealand.

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