Ecolab launches non-sterile surface cleaning and disinfection product


Incidin Pro cleans and disinfects in one step, combining antimicrobial efficacy with short lead times

Ecolab\'s new non-sterile surface cleaning and disinfection product, aimed at the UK and Ireland pharmaceutical and hospital markets, is said to offer superior cleaning compared with other surface disinfectants currently available.

Incidin Pro, developed by Ecolab Infection Prevention, cleans and disinfects surfaces in one step and combines antimicrobial efficacy with short contact times, making it suitable for use in isolated low grade (C & D) cleanrooms and adjacent outer areas.

Incidin Pro will be marketed by Ecolab Contamination Control as part of its extensive range of surface disinfection products.

James Tucker, Marketing Director at Ecolab Contamination Control, says: ‘The results of independent comparative assessment of cleaning performance (evaluated by Gardner test) for a range of surface disinfectants shows that Incidin Pro offers a new and future-proof standard to surface disinfection.’

The product’s broad spectrum efficacy creates a simplified cleaning rotation regime and combines with its compatibility with a variety of materials including metals, ceramics and plastics. This helps avoid surface corrosion, prolonging the life of valuable equipment, while minimising corrosion-induced residue build ups.

Meanwhile, the omission of ingredients such as fragrance and aldehyde provides benefits including user safety and acceptance, adds Tucker.

‘The omission of volatile ingredients reduces the prospect of skin irritation and allergic reactions, which can lead to better user acceptance and improved cleaning performance,’ he says.

With the rotation of disinfectants being a mandatory requirement of many governing bodies, the Ecolab Contamination Control range is designed to make compliance with this requirement simple. As such Incidin Pro is suitable for rotation with the firm’s non-sterile sporicides, Actichlor Plus and Incidin Active.

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Incidin Pro is available in a 2L bottle with integrated dosing aid and in a 6L canister.

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