Ebiox strengthens product offering


A trio of product launches in recent months has enhanced the company’s offering

Ebiox has launched a dispensing system utilising the proven and accepted Trionic D Wipes for cleaning and disinfection. Said to be ideally suited for smaller clinical areas and ambulances, the system consists of a refillable wall-mounted Perspex holder and a flat pack of 50 medium size wipes.

The company has also introduced Natural Esense, its first hand hygiene product based on sustainable natural ingredients. Extracted from the pith of Seville Oranges (Citrus Aurantium), Natural Esense is a proprietary formula, and is classed under the Bioflavonoid Complex classification.

Developed in response to a growing interest in non-alcohol based products and tested extensively to European regulatory standards and other supporting studies, Natural Esense provides effective bacterial, virucidal, fungicidal and sporicidal protection, says Ebiox.

Natural Esense will be made available in a variety of dispensing systems.

Following an extensive redesign and upgrade programme led by Amazon Bio-Guard, Ebiox has launched the Trionic A2Z Area Disinfection System for total room or vehicle disinfection. Compared with current devices on the market, the

Trionic A2Z Area Disinfection System is simple and easy to use, involves no complex protocols, offers shorter process times, needs no surface wetting, is cost-effective and can be used as an ongoing preventative measure.

“We believe this is an excellent addition to our product portfolio, one which offers many opportunities and the potential for pull-through of other products such as Trionic wipes,” said Paul Blenkinsopp, sales and marketing director.

“Our aim is to offer a comprehensive range of solutions for infection prevention and control.”

Meanwhile, Ebiox has commissioned more extensive tests in response to users’ demands for stringent testing of products claiming to have an impact on healthcare acquired infections (HAIs).

The Trionic products A2Z, spray and wipes passed the test protocols set by the European Standards, EN13624, EN13727 and EN14348. The new test reports can be downloaded as pdf files from http://www.ebiox.co.uk.

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“It is key we keep our product testing up to date, ensuring that we meet the highest standards and giving confidence of the products’ efficacy to our current and new users,” added Jeff Smith, Ebiox’s commercial director.