D2Cranes launches cleanroom cranes

For cleanroom use across a range of industries

Dutch hoists and cranes specialist D2Cranes has introduced a series of innovative cleanroom hoists for every cleanroom, whether in the food, medical, semiconductor, aeronautics or space technology industry.

The most innovative hoist of the range is the Ultimate hoist, which doubles up most crucial parts, such as drives, brakes and lifting ropes, to guarantee the safe and correct operation of the crane under all circumstances.

More than a decade of experience has helped Leusden-based D2Cranes identify and eliminate contamination sources in its hoist designs. The company uses stainless steel components in its hoists and cranes, enclosed drives and ropes and belts based on Dyneema fibre. All surfaces are smooth and reachable to prevent accumulation of dust particles.

Roland Hessels, director and founder of D2Cranes said improved safety was the trigger to start the development of these products.

“A clean product starts with the right choice of materials, the right choice of components and production in a clean environment,” he said.

“This is the only way we can guarantee that our machines will not disturb our customer’s production process or product.”