Controlled environment food safety coalition brings experts together

The United Fresh Produce Association has partnered with CEA Food Safety Coalition to launch a new Controlled Environment Pavilion at the United Fresh Convention & Expo

AeroFarms indoor vertical farming

The United Fresh Produce Association has partnered with the Controlled Environment Agriculture Food Safety Coalition (CEA Food Safety Coalition) to launch a new Controlled Environment Pavilion at the United Fresh Convention & Expo. This new Pavilion on the expo floor will bring together growers, companies providing tools and technologies for indoor production, and thought leaders who are helping grow indoor agriculture.

The event will run from 16–19 June in San Diego, California.

The Pavilion will feature a discussion area where thought leaders will share perspectives on current issues and growth opportunities for indoor agriculture, hydroponics, vertical farms and rapidly expanding greenhouse production. Retail and foodservice buyers can visit the pavilion to learn more about the category and meet with potential suppliers.

Responding to the rapidly growing demand for controlled environment production, the CEA Food Safety Coalition was formed. The new independent and member-governed coalition whose mission is to develop credible, strong, and appropriate food safety standards; educate consumers and regulators on controlled environment growing; and communicate the value of controlled environment agriculture.

Marni Karlin, Executive Director of the CEA Food Safety Coalition, said: “Our members are pioneering new production models in fresh produce, and we look forward to the opportunity to engage with participants at the United Fresh event – to share perspectives and create an opportunity for conversation across the entire supply chain.”

Photo as seen on event website

Members of the CEA Food Safety Coalition include BrightFarms, AeroFarms, Plenty, Little Leaf Farms, Revol Greens, and Bowery.

“From first-generation indoor farms growing tomatoes and cukes, to today’s innovators growing berries, leafy greens, microgreens, herbs and more, the Controlled Environment Pavilion is the place to meet with potential customers and service providers, and learn from experts in every phase of the business,” said United Fresh President & CEO Tom Stenzel.


Growers and service providers can choose to exhibit their products in standalone booths adjacent to the Controlled Environment Pavilion, or choose from 10×10 in-line booths or kiosks inside the pavilion.

For more information and to reserve a booth in the Controlled Environment Pavilion, contact Erin Hutchison, United Fresh Director, Supply Chain Relations, at 202-303-3422 or For more information about the CEA Food Safety Coalition, contact Marni Karlin, Executive Director, at