Containment C version of PharmaFlex iSeries 750 ready of OEB 3 operation

Pharma Technology completely modular machine can be upgraded in field for higher containment

Pharma Technology (PTI) has introduced a Containment (C) version of its completely modular PharmaFlex iSeries 750 dust-tight deduster combined with advanced metal detectors.

PTI is a global specialist in tablet dedusters and capsule polishers combined with metal detectors and loading systems for pharmaceutical solid dose production.

The C word

The advancements of the new C version build on the already highly efficient PharmaFlex iSeries 750 dust-tight deduster, which features a patented air jet and vacuum concept: circumferential dust extraction on the spiral periphery combines with central air jets for extremely efficient dust removal.

In parallel tests where tablets were weighed before and after dedusting, the PharmaFlex iSeries removes up to 40% more dust compared to traditional stainless steel spirals with dust extraction through a central tube.

The new Containment version of the PharmaFlex iSeries 750 has several additional features:

  • OEB 3 rated dispenser for metal detector test pieces;
  • Clip and Cut collection of metal detector rejects and sampled tablets;
  • Doubling up of all flexible connections for tablet inlet, dust extraction and tablet outlet, with continuous PE liner and Clip and Cut secure double clips at each end for contained separation and offline cleaning;
  • Continuous negative pressure; monitoring during operation shuts down pinch valves in case of sudden overpressure;
  • Optional HEPA filter on air inlet acts as double safety in case of sudden overpressure;
  • Automated pinch valves at the air inlet port for unit isolation;
  • Containment features allow operation to OEB 3 during connection, operation, disconnection and reassembly;
  • The PharmaFlex iSeries can be used in tandem with the iSeries automated IPC tester also rated for OEB 3 testing of weight, thickness and hardness with feedback to the tablet press.

iSeries dedusters

The PharmaFlex iSeries dedusters are comprised of segmented transparent Tritan polymer spirals allowing for 360° product viewing – making external windows with seals or fastening mechanisms unnecessary.

The robust Tritan material is resistant to 6' drops, 85°C hot water, common alkaline detergents and prolonged alcohol exposure.

All contact parts are contained within the deduster tower, resulting in complete segregation of the dedusting and mechanical areas, with no dust extraction channel through the mechanical base.

Wide inlet and outlet chutes allow for increased tablet output, and a patented round throughput chute through the metal detector head provides enhanced detection sensitivity.

PharmaFlex iSeries 750 dedusters feature an acceleration sensor that automatically adjusts vibration intensity to ensure optimal tablet flow and complete self-emptying at the end of a run.

Their large touch-screen HMIs rotate 180°, and the electrical cabinet’s mounted position at the front of the units allow them to be oriented in any direction, eliminating the need for mirror image units with double-sided presses.

The dedusters can be modularly upgraded in the field to a higher containment version.