Caplugs builds ISO Class 8 cleanroom


Located in Buffalo, NY, the cleanroom will manufacture protective products for the medical industry

Caplugs, a global manufacturer of plastic protective closures and masking devices, has built a new ISO Class 8 certified cleanroom at its headquarters in Buffalo, NY, US for the manufacture of contaminant-free parts.

Within the confines of the cleanroom, parts are produced, inspected and packaged to ensure cleanliness and quality. Primarily used to produce protective products for the medical industry, the room is fully equipped with moulding capabilities, an inspection table with ionisation blowers, and a packaging unit.

Medical products include instrument guards, medical packaging and caps/plugs used to protect devices from contamination and damage during shipment and storage.

Caplugs carries nearly 400 million parts in stock and ready for distribution. If a part isn’t readily available that meets a client’s specifications and requirements, Caplugs’ engineers are able to design and develop a custom part.

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The firm’s products are used by more than 25,000 customers in a variety of industries, including medical, energy, automotive, aviation, hydraulics, masking, electronics, industrial machinery and packaging.