CAF Build hands over plant-based medicine facility with 450 sqm cleanroom


Australia-based CAF Build has finished and handed over its first project to its plant-based medicine expert Cannatrek employing ASKIN Performance Panels for cleanroom trade services

Image credit: CAF Build LinkedIn

Image credit: CAF Build LinkedIn

CAF Build has finished and handed over its first project to its client plant-based medicine expert Cannatrek. The project involved over 450 sqm of cleanroom construction including services and other various site upgrades and will shortly be a major asset to Cannatrek 's ongoing growth and success.

Cannatrek is a technology-driven Australian company specialising in the research, cultivation, manufacturing and delivery of plant-based medicine.

Within the project there were many companies involved to make it happen:

  • Building Design: CAF Consulting
  • Electrical: Watters Electrical
  • Mechanical: CA Group Services
  • Cleanroom: ASKIN Performance Panels

"We are excited to continue partnering with them and look forward to the company becoming a major employer for our local region," CAF Build stated in a LinkedIn post.

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CAF Build is a Victoria-based Australian commercial & industrial construction company founded in February 2020.