Byotrol signs deal with Synergy to combat MRSA


Deal will see Byotrol technology deployed by the NHS in the UK

Anti-microbial technology specialist Byotrol has signed a major deal with Synergy Healthcare which will see Byotrol\'s anti-microbial technology deployed into the NHS & the independent healthcare sector in the UK and the rest of the world to stop the spread of MRSA and other harmful and resistant micro-organisms.

The contract gives Synergy exclusive sales and distribution rights to Byotrol\'s technology in the healthcare market. In addition Synergy will market, sell and distribute Byotrol\'s Assure product range to the NHS and Byotrol\'s existing healthcare customers. In the UK, Synergy will assume responsibility for supplying products containing Byotrol to Byotrol\'s existing healthcare users, Sun Choice Europe and DBM Holdings.

The agreement will give Synergy the use of Byotrol technology in significant healthcare markets for licences, fees and options totalling £2.3m together with an advance royalty payment of £400,000.

The agreement commences immediately with the UK market and incorporates options that will grant similar rights to Synergy for both USA, Europe and the rest of the world and these are exercisable between February 2007 and February 2008.

In addition to fees and royalties, Synergy will be purchasing Byotrol concentrates for use in manufacture of anti-microbial products.

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The contract announcement follows the recent completion of a successful six month trial by Byotrol at Glasgow Royal Infirmary. This trial saw a 75% reduction in the presence of MRSA when Byotrol technology was deployed on a small fraction of a ward\'s high contact surfaces such as bed rails and door handles.