Byotrol granted Chinese patent


Will enable the company to pursue a number of global opportunities

Byotrol has received its first patent in China for its biocidal technology.

The patent was granted approximately six months earlier than expected and will enable the company to pursue a number of global opportunities it is currently working on, with the confidence that its products will enjoy patent protection within China, Byotrol says.

The firm currently has a number of other patents pending in the Far East, including Singapore, and the granting of the Chinese patent follows successful applications in the UK and South Africa which were granted in 2005 and 2004 respectively.

The successful patent application follows the recent EPA approval in the USA and CE Mark approval in Europe for Byotrol\'s biocidal products, enabling the firm to secure contracts in the industrial and food processing sectors.

Becker Industrial Coatings has launched a range of anti-microbial coatings containing Byotrol under the BeckryShield brand name. The launch follows extensive trials undertaken to test the efficacy of Byotrol\'s technology and the BeckryShield range offers effective anti-microbial protection for up to 2 years. Byotrol will receive revenues from the sale of concentrate and a royalty on sales achieved.

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Byotrol has recently shipped its first customer order to Gold Kist, one of America\'s largest poultry processing companies, which is using Byotrol technology as part of its hygiene regime in its South Carolina processing plant.