Bolidt antimicrobial flooring employs new bactericidal technique


The bacteria are killed by electrocution

Bolidt Synthetic Products & Systems, a Dutch developer of thermosetting synthetics such as flooring systems, has carried out tests with independent Dutch research organisation TNO on antimicrobial flooring systems, which employ a new bactericidal technique.

The firm, based in Henrik-Ido-Ambacht, says the first lab experiments show great promise.

Bolidt has developed a range of synthetic flooring systems for the healthcare sector using a bactericidal technique that kills bacteria by electrocution.

Whereas currently available antibacterial (paint) systems are based on a chemical technique to prevent the spread of multi-resistant bacteria, Bolidt systems use a patented mechanical AM-Inside technology. Their bactericidal effect is a process by which the bacterium is killed as soon as it comes into contact with the floor surface due to the inherent difference in electrical charge between the floor surface and the bacterium. As a result, the multi-resistant bacteria cannot reproduce and survive. Large contact surfaces are thus protected against the growth and spread of bacteria.

“Since it is precisely the flooring that poses a major risk of spreading multi-resistant bacteria, this development will help hospitals and medical centres make a huge step forward in their fight against multi-resistant bacteria such as Klebsiella pneumoniae and MRSA,” said Ruud van der Sloot, commercial director at Bolidt.

The first series of lab experiments has shown that the bactericidal formula in the Bolidt flooring systems is effective against a large number of multi-resistant bacteria. In addition, the bacteria cannot become resistant.

“The tests and lab experiments conducted at TNO and in Bolidt’s own laboratory have reached an advanced stage, but a number of final tests remain to be done,” added van der Sloot.

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The company is also developing the same technology in its specialist hygienic wall systems for the healthcare sector.