Biosweep provides effective biodecontamination

Cylindrical unit contains a five-stage process

The Biosweep 900 air and surface decontamination system, which eradicates biological contaminants, VOCs and odours within any unoccupied zone or building, is now available from BioSweep UK.

Biosweep UK is the UK master dealer and licensee for Biosweep equipment, which is manufactured by Phocatox Technologies, an Indianapolis, US-based manufacturer of high-performance air and surface decontamination equipment for IAQ remediation.

“The cylindrical Biosweep units destroy indoor airborne and surface contaminants such as viruses and bacteria as well as aerosols, smoke, fumes, dust, ash and pollen, and volatile organic compounds,” said Roark McMaster, managing director of BioSweep UK.

Such is the effectiveness of Biosweep that it can successfully tackle fungi, Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA) and Clostridium difficile (C.diff), making it suitable for hospital and healthcare environments, the company says.

“Biosweep contains a unique five-stage process that uses a highly advanced form of photocatalytic oxidation,” added McMaster. “The entire process is generated internally in one portable unit to produce unparalleled decontamination capabilities on site.”

The multi-phase process uses HEPA filtration, hydroxyl radicals production, purified O3 and H2O2 production, singlet oxygen and oxyradical plasma production and sterilising germicidal UV radiation.

The units weigh 21kg and are 1.3m high and 25.4cm in diameter and 115V and 230V models are available.

“Non-corrosive and fabric-safe, Biosweep is completely and permanently effective,” said McMaster. “It’s also fast-acting, cost-effective, easy to deploy and exceeds all IAQ remediation standards.”