Bioquell’s HPV technology now available as a fixed bio-decontamination system

The latest innovative bio-decontamination technology to revolutionise pass-through chamber and cleanroom aseptic practices, has just been launched by the world’s leading decontamination expert

Bioquell FS-1 fixed HPV bio-decontamination system

The Bioquell FS-1 is a fixed system, designed to be rapidly installed and validated, overcoming many of the issues and challenges observed in pharmaceutical production and life science research. Based on Bioquell’s well proven gold-standard technology, the FS-1 delivers swift bio-decontamination cycles to a 6-log reduction whilst leaving no residues. It also has the advantage of operating at low temperatures to preserve heat-sensitive products and materials.

Whether used in pass-through chambers for decontaminating materials passing from low to high classification areas, to reset a cleanroom environment back to zero between runs or in the event of a viral or bacterial spill, the Bioquell FS-1 can be applied to many life science applications.

The healthcare sector could also benefit from this innovation by placing the unit in single-occupancy rooms or operating theatres for automated, fast and efficacious bio-decontamination between patients.

The system comprises three units; Mounted to a wall inside the chamber/room, the vaporiser has a small footprint to maximise working areas where space is limited. The second unit is a bottle module containing the HPV solution. It can be placed inside or outside the room/chamber and comes with enhanced peroxide traceability and wastage minimisation. Finally, placed outside the target area, the control unit (HMI) is equipped with simple one-touch technology and is available in wired or wireless variant.

Commenting on the launch, Bioquell's R&D Director said: 'Many life science customers have been asking for a fixed, ‘slim line’ decontamination solution suitable for different applications. Working closely with the end-users, we came up with this fixed and compact HPV unit for high compliance, hassle-free bioburden control.'

Watch the Bioquell FS-1 in action below.

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