Beximco awards Telstar contract to implement the architecture and HVAC system for its cleanrooms

Published: 29-Feb-2016

At the firm's biotech plant for the production of insulin in Dhaka, Bangladesh

Generic drug manufacturer Beximco Pharma has awarded Telstar a contract to implement the architecture and HVAC system for the Bengali company's new insulin production plant in Dhaka, Bangladesh.

The new plant, which is planned to be finished in September this year, will occupy an area of 833m2, dedicated to the manufacture of insulin vials and cartridges.

The project awarded to Telstar by the first US FDA company in Bangladesh is complex and highly technical, incorporating construction engineering, as well as supply, installation, commissioning and validation processes for cleanrooms, the HVAC system, cold room, distribution of chilled water for air handling units and ventilated SAS pass through boxes.

The main objective is to design and construct a space covering 396m2 for rooms with D, C, B and A classification, destined for dispensing, primary and secondary manufacturing, washing, sterilisation, vial filling and staff changing rooms, distributed on a single floor.

In addition, the contract includes the design and construction of 437m2 of space for unclassified rooms allocated to the storage of raw materials and finished products, inspection, tagging and blister rooms, as well as a BMS, server room and toilets.

The scope of Telstar’s project also includes the design of an adjacent platform for placing the air handling units, and the integration of the production machines purchased by the client.

For the successful development of this detailed project, Telstar operates according to a multi-plant management model in close cooperation with its own engineering centres, using standardised tools which accommodate working simultaneously and in coordination with a multidisciplinary and international team. The project involves the close collaboration of Telstar specialised centres in Spain, India, Bangladesh and China, which share resources in engineering, project management, consultancy and qualification (Spain), manufacture of its own equipment (Spain and China), engineering and drafting (Spain and India) and site management (Bangladesh).

Telstar says this project execution model allows the firm to offer Beximco a guarantee of safety in process control relating to quality and cost efficiency, including the advantages of proximity and local knowledge of the technical and professional management.

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