AirSentry II monitors airborne molecular contamination

Mobile unit identifies hotspots generated from processes or equipment

The new AirSentry II mobile airborne molecular contamination (AMC) detection system from Particle Measuring Systems in the US can easily be moved within a cleanroom to locate processes or areas with elevated levels of AMC.

Chemically filtered clean dry air and vacuum are also supplied onboard to reduce warm-up time at a new location.

Designed for a multitude of uses, the system can be used to identify AMC hotspots generated from processes or equipment, monitor different levels of the cleanroom (air handling decks, process bays, etc.), and verify chemical filter efficiency in photolithography applications.

AirSentry II mobile airborne molecular contamination detection system

An LED display provides instant concentration data feedback to alert operators of significant changes in AMC concentration levels.

As with the portfolio of AirSentry II products supplied by the Boulder, Colorado-based firm, the system communicates with Facility Net and space is available on the unit for a laptop to support real-time graphical display, data storage and export, and statistical data analysis.

Particle Measuring Systems has more than 35 years of experience providing solutions for particle and microbial monitoring. As the inventor of laser-based particle counters, the firm claims it sets the standard for particle monitors in pharmaceutical, nanomaterial, aerospace, integrated circuit, and electronics manufacturing.

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