Abbie Gregg completes project for semiconductor production facility


The feasibility and programming project has been conducted to fit-out a plant in the Southwestern US

Abbie Gregg Inc. (AGI), the US-based engineering and architecture company recently acquired by AM Technical Solution, has completed a project at a semiconductor manufacturing facility in the southwestern of the country. Details of the project or location have not been disclosed..

The project is a fit-out of the company’s facility, which is used for manufacturing semiconductors and other hi-tech devices. AGI completed the following initial project support:

  • Feasibility study of the project, including current facility analysis
  • Preparation of materials for project approval
  • Programming of site options

The programming of site options included industrial engineering analysis, gas and chemical analysis, code verification, and an MEP (mechanical, electrical and plumbing) requirements study.

The specs

Following the completion of the feasibility and programming project, AGI is providing services for the large-scale construction build.

The overall project size is 145,000 sqft, 30,000 sqft for Phase 1 manufacturing, and 30,000 sqft for shell space project support.

This space includes:

  • The building scenario of a 30,000 sqft manufacturing build-out to support process tools for approximately four years.
  • The scenario for the facility includes an expansion area providing approximately 90,000 sqft of manufacturing/MEP space.
  • Additionally, the building features a 2-level mechanical area that provides 37,000 sqft of MEP supporting equipment space.

The second level mechanical area primarily consists of air handling and exhaust equipment.

Sterile spaces

Within the 30,000 sqft of facility space for Phase 1 of the manufacturing area is approximately 24,000 sqft of cleanroom builds.

The space is comprised of cleanrooms meeting ISO Classes 5, 6, 7 and 8.

As a result, the project also calls for approximately 6,000 sqft of return air utility chases. There is approximately 1,950 sqft of HPM space, including HPM corridors and load areas.

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AGI has also just completed a cleanroom in a new MIT building called MIT.nano. The facility was designed to enable manipulation of materials at the atomic scale and the creation of innovative devices.