AAwipes launches line of lint-free cleanroom wipes


Michigan-based contamination control product supplier AAwipes has launched a new line of lint-free cleanroom wipes that are perfect for various contamination control needs

AAwipes launches line of lint-free cleanroom wipes

Michigan-based contamination control product supplier AAwipes has announced a new line of lint-free cleanroom wipes that are perfect for various contamination control needs.

The wipes are made from high-quality materials and are certified to meet the most stringent cleanliness standards. As a result, they are perfect for use in critical environments such as cleanrooms, hospitals, laboratories, and data centres.

Thanks to their lint-free design, they can be used to clean delicate surfaces without leaving any residue behind.

Their cleanroom supplies include, but are not limited to:

  • Lint-free wipes (polycellulose) 68 gsm
  • Lint-free wipes (polycellulose) 56 gsm
  • Lint-free cloths (polyester)
  • Anti-static ESD wipes (polyester-carbon)
  • Cleanroom sticky mats
  • Cleanroom swabs

Lint-free polycellulose wipes (I & II) are made from a hydroentangled, nonwoven blend of 55% cellulose and 45% polyester, with no chemical binders are contained. There are two types of wipes available based on density, 68 gsm (I) and 56 gsm (II).

This fabric blend combines a natural fibre's highly absorbent properties with synthetic polyester's cleanliness and strength. As a result, it has low articulated and extractable counts, superior oil absorbance, abrasion, and chemical resistance. The edge has been treated by cold knife, laundered and sealed in cleanroom environment.

A variety of sizes are available to suit most cleaning applications. These wipes can be sterilized via standard Ethylene Oxide (EtO) Sterilisation.

Designed for all-purpose wiping where economy and cleanliness are critical, AAwipes lint-free polycellulose wipes are perfect for cleanroom wipes, paint prep wipes lint-free, or any other lint-free wipe applications. 

AAWipes lint-free cloth wipes (III) are constructed from light-weight, 100% continuous filament polyester in a double-knit, no-run, interlock pattern with laser cut with ultrasonically sealed edges. This wiper is a clean and moderately absorbent wiper with low levels of particulate and extractable counts. They are treated by laser cut with ultrasonically sealed edges, laundered in ultra-pure water, and hermetically sealed. They are chemical compatible with IPA, ethanol, and other common solvents. A variety of sizes are available to suit most cleaning applications.

AAWipes lint-free ESD antistatic polyester cleanroom wipes (IV) are high-quality virgin polyester fibers with conductive carbon yarns (dark lines throughout the wipers) that are continuously filamented throughout the no-run knit construction process. The wipers can dissipate electrical charges effectively, making them a perfect wiping choice for sensitive surfaces and processes. The anti-static wipes prevent build-up of electrostatic charge via the carbon fiber strands that dissipate electrostatic charge. These wipes are ideal for wiping sensitive electronic components and tools, including battery panels, liquid crystal displays, and other product surfaces in ESD-sensitive areas. It can be used in nearly all industrial fields which require static control, including PCB, SMT, microelectronics, medicine, semiconductor, LCD, and many others.

All AAwipes cleanroom wipes are tested and manufactured in ISO-compliant facilities under AAwipes inspection and strict process control to ensure AAwipes quality standards and product specifications.

These products can be used as:

  • cleanroom wipes lint-free
  • paint prep wipes automotive
  • auto prep wipes
  • low lint wipes
  • disposable microfiber wipes
  • anti-static wipes for electronics

Sticky mats (V) are lint-free wipes that are easy to apply and remove. They are made of premium PVC film coated with eco-friendly water-based adhesive. The mats are 0.5 micrometers thicker than ordinary sticky mats, so they are more effective particle reducing surface to reduce traffic-borne contaminants.

They use water-based, eco-friendly adhesive materials. With lint-free cloth, they can effectively remove around 95 percent of particles in the 0.30-micron range. The corner of each tacky mat sheet shows Label #1-#30, clearly indicating the consumed quantity. Ten mats are included in the box.

These mats can be used as:

  • sticky mats
  • sticky mats for construction
  • sticky door mats
  • Sticky mats adhesive
  • Sticky mats for cleanroom
  • Adhesive mats
  • Sticky mats for shoes
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Recently, AAwipes launched a new series of products as cleanroom swabs (VI). These cleaning Swabs are the standard tool in cleanrooms and other areas. They are manufactured with a complete thermal bond, eliminating adhesive impurity, and made via high-precision automated processes. All of these result in AAwipes swabs of a high standard, constructed to exacting and consistent tolerances. Currently, there are six different types of swabs in our collection, fitting for a variety of applications.