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Shoe Cover Magic, Inc. provides a unique PPE solution that will fit your specific shoe cover needs. We are the North American Master Distributor for a shoe cover system that includes a hands-free automatic shoe cover dispenser and shoe cover remover. Our unique system provides SAFER, FASTER and CLEANER options to using shoe covers.


Our Shoe Cover System address four critical areas associated with the use of shoe covers:

  • SAFETY - Reduces slip/fall accidents associated with applying shoe covers
  • COMPLIANCE - Increases employee compliance by making the process easier
  • INCREASED PRODUCTIVITY - Improves throughput by eliminating wasted minutes for increased productivity
  • REDUCE CROSS CONTAMINATION - Reduces cross contamination by using a hands-free approach

Shoe bootie covers are used in a variety of environments and settings to cut down on contamination and keep areas clean. Our shoe cover system is ideal for any environment that requires safety and cleanliness – from cleanrooms and pharmacies to construction, food manufacturing, and even real estate. Here are some of the industries where Shoe Cover Magic products can be used.

Farms/Agriculture, Food Processing, Cosmetics, Construction, Veterinary, Pharmacy, Real Estate, Clean Rooms/Labs, Cannabis, Manufacturing, Day Care, Mining, Hospitals, Pharmaceutical, Technology, Oil & Gas, Food Manufacturing, Fed/State/Local Gov, Electronics, Hospitality, Laundry, Bakery, Medical, Manufacturing, Food Service, Specialty Airlines, Yachts, RV Manufacturing, Dairy, Restoration, Stevedoring.

See the System in Action in a Dental Office!

Here’s how dentists, dental hygienists, and dental assistants at a dentistry office use the Shoe Cover Magic system daily!

How to Load the Dispenser

In this video, we’ll show you how to load the Shoe Cover Magic dispenser.

How to Use the Dispenser

Here’s how to effectively use the Shoe Cover Magic Automatic Shoe Cover Dispenser.

How to Use the Remover

Here’s how to effectively use the Shoe Cover Magic Automatic Shoe Cover Remover.