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Perfex is the pioneer of TruCLEAN disinfection systems for the pharmaceutical cleanroom industry. Our TruCLEAN product line remains the benchmark standard for critical manufacturing environments.


Perfex has been a trusted manufacturer of contamination control products for over 95 years. With decades of research and experience we introduce TruCLEAN-Sterile, a focused line of next-generation cleaning products including sponge mops, mop covers, and wipes sterilised by gamma radiation and validated sterile to AAMI Guidelines.

Designed to exceed the ultra-high standards of today’s critical manufacturing industries, TruCLEAN mopping systems are manufactured with industrial-strength stainless steel components and compatible with gamma, ethylene oxide, and autoclave sterilisation.

"At Perfex, we're always looking for ways to improve the essential cleaning tools you rely on every day. This passion keeps us constantly on the move, expanding and advancing our products to meet your needs."


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