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Capture, retain and reduce foot and wheel-borne physical and microbiological contamination from entering into your controlled areas with Noopli polymeric flooring. Better manage your contamination control at floor level with a long lasting, cost effective, high performance, washable, antimicrobial solution, which can be easily integrated into your existing SOP’s, enabling effective and non-disruptive integration into your cleanroom and controlled environments.


We know how critical it is to ensure your controlled environments are as protected as possible from the ingress of harmful physical and microbiological contamination. Our mission, as a specialised flooring manufacturer, is to dedicate ourselves to providing the best possible floor level contamination control solution. Our washable, antimicrobial, polymeric flooring is trusted and proven, with installations at high profile customer sites worldwide, ranging from pharmaceutical and biomedical to food/beverage production and electronics manufacture. Our 4 unique product offerings, ranging from self-installation mats (providing a contact-free service), to fully installed bespoke solutions are designed and manufactured exclusively for controlled environments. Furthermore, we couple our products with highly regarded service support – from the initial site survey of your facility through to aftercare and ultimately product replacement at end of life. We are with you every step of the way, ensuring Noopli is continually performing in ever changing environments.

Implementing Noopli helps contribute to your wider contamination control strategy, whilst adding significant operational value. Our solutions, with an in-use life of 3-5 years, have been proven to improve productivity, markedly lower costs and substantially reduce levels of cross contamination.

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