Mar Cor Purification Europe

Sourethweg 11
6422 PC

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Mar Cor Purification Europe offers biopharma cleanroom disinfection and purified water filtration technologies.


Mar Cor Purification, owned by Cantel Medical Corp., is a business that consists of several familiar companies integrated to offer filtration, water and disinfection technologies, namely: Minntech Filtration Technologies Group, GE Medical Water and Gambro Medical Water (US). We manufacture in an FDA-certified facility and are current with all the FDA regulations, GMP and validation practices.

Mar Cor’s operations in Europe specialise in supplying cold sterilant sporicides to disinfect surfaces in bio-pharma cleanrooms according to USP.

We also developed the highly regarded Minncare dry fog system, which is now validated by many pharmaceutical groups worldwide as an airborne broad spectrum sporicide bio-decontamination system for cleanrooms and production areas. The same technology is used to disinfect or sterilise air and disinfection locks, biohazard cabinets and isolators.

Mar Cor Purification in Europe is also markets products for the disinfection of water purification systems. Fiberflo hollow fibre filters are validated for 100% endotoxin retention in purified water and other process water applications.