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MSL Solution Providers (MSL) is a microbiological testing laboratory, specialising in efficacy testing of biocides and disinfectant products used in a wide range of environments, including cleanroom disinfectant validation.


Founded in 2001, MSL is a complete service provider, offering an integrated regulatory and laboratory testing service. Its in-house accredited labs provide a comprehensive range of standard tests, including efficacy testing against bacteria, fungi, spores, viruses, mycobacteria, legionella, and algae. It also offers a tailored solution to specific testing needs, in order to support clients’ individual requirements.

Disinfectant product testing

Disinfectants are used in a wide variety of situations to reduce the number of microorganisms in the environment and on surfaces. All products need to be tested to prove they are effective against their claimed targets. MSL can assist with testing and regulatory services relating to disinfectant products.

Cleanroom disinfectant validation

Biocidal products will have been tested for efficacy against the standard EU test methods, however, cleanroom inspectors expect to see specific test data relating to the selected disinfectants used against the organisms isolated during routine environmental monitoring.

MSL can work with your environmental monitoring teams to check whether the disinfectants used are effective in each specific situation against the in-house environmental challenges and on each different surface type. This testing should be carried out routinely and specifically when changes to products or cleaning regimes are introduced.

Airborne disinfection by automation process (EN17272)

The EN17272:2020 standard determines the disinfectant activity of processes used in the medical, veterinary, food, industrial, domestic, and institutional areas, using automated processes for distributing chemicals by air diffusion with no operator manually applying the disinfectant. This includes the disinfection of nonporous surfaces but not that of the air. In March 2021, MSL was the UK’s first leading commercial microbiological testing company to introduce this service in-house, performing tests in its new building, specially commissioned for this process. To book or for further information or advice, please contact

Efficacy testing

MSL can perform any microbiological test methods (which include ISO, JIS) and apply deviations appropriate to the intended use/application, to support disinfectant validation and BPR dossiers.

  • EN13697 – Antibacterial / Antifungal Surface Tests
  • EN16615 – Wipes Efficacy Test (modified for all organisms)
  • EN13704 – Sporicidal Efficacy Tests
  • EN14476 – Virucidal Suspension Tests
  • EN16777 – Virucidal Surface Tests


MSL can carry out site audits for cleaning validation, or provide the swabs, plates, and training for this to be carried out by cleanroom operatives themselves.

Bespoke testing

MSL provides not only a comprehensive range of standard tests, but also offers a tailored solution to your specific testing needs.

Technical support & consultancy

MSL customers are appointed with a dedicated technical project manager, who will be their one point of contact from the initial enquiry to the final report, and beyond.

Regulatory services

MSL can provide support for all your biocide regulatory requirements.