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United Kingdom

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Hoist UK is a lifting equipment designer, manufacturer and supplier based in the UK, with a specialist focus on the cleanroom sector


The demand for cleanroom facilities within manufacturing processes continues to rise and in-line with this demand, the need for appropriate lifting equipment increases. A technically correct lifting and handling solution enhances operational efficiency and we offer a full range of high-quality cleanroom grade lifting and handling equipment that is specifically designed for use in cleanrooms and controlled environments where there are air cleanliness ISO standards to be strictly adhered to.

Our range of special preparation cleanroom grade equipment is optimised for cleanroom operations as standard and includes:

In addition to our standard offering we can also modify the equipment, or design and manufacture completely bespoke cleanroom lifting solutions to suit our client’s unique specification.

We have a wealth of experience of designing and supplying a variety of cleanroom lifting solutions across pharmaceutical, semiconductor, aerospace and food industry sectors. We adopt a collaborative approach to every project, working closely with our clients and providing the maximum amount of support and consultation needed throughout the projects entirety including installation and inspections to keep the equipment maintained, safe to use and in accordance with UK Legislation.

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