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EFAFLEX – special doors for clean room applications. The CR series satisfies all criteria


Every clean room has its own unique characteristics and performance expectations, and the CR series by EFAFLEX is perfectly attuned to the specific needs of controlled production zones. Simply, our CR series offers class leading sealing combined with world class door technology. The doors are designed to minimise air loss, even in the most demanding situations; the construction considerate of the intended environment, with smooth edges, reducing settlement and easy to clean. The GMP compatible door models are primarily constructed of V2A stainless steel, with options for powder coating to RAL.

Like all high-speed doors from EFAFLEX, the clean room doors are heavy-duty with minimal maintenance requirements thanks to their exceptional build quality and class leading engineering.

We Know Your Industry

EFAFLEX are proud to have supplied clean room doors to semi-conductor, medical, automotive, food processing & packaging, pharmaceutical and aviation sectors for many years.

The Range

EFA-SRT® CR Premium

The premium door for GMP-compliant clean rooms is suitable for installation in clean rooms up to ISO Class 5 due to its construction and effective sealing capabilities.

The EFA-SRT® CR Premium is the perfect closure for rooms with different pressure ratios. Rapid opening and closing increases the economy in the clean room, reduces the air loss and increases the life expectancy of air filters.

  • Significantly lower maintenance costs than a conventional ISO class 5 door with the same number of load cycles
  • Designed for 150,000 operating cycles per annum as part of programmed maintenance with customised inspection intervals
  • Compact structure
  • Control system integrated into the frame
  • Standard V2A stainless steel surface / RAL option
  • Mechanical / electrical emergency opening (optional)

EFA-SRT® CR Efficient

The high speed EFA-SRT® CR efficient roller doors were designed especially for use in clean rooms with mid-range requirements.

The door is certified in accordance with TÜV for use in clean rooms up to ISO Class 6. Due to a special folding mechanism, and active seal at the lintel, the height requirement is minimised.

  • Considerably lower maintenance costs than a conventional ISO class 6 door with the same number of operating cycles
  • Designed for 100,000 load cycles per annum as part of programmed maintenance with customised inspection intervals
  • Stainless and powder coated surface finish
  • Extremely slim frame (75 mm)
  • Low lintel requirement (380 mm)
  • Certified up to ISO Class 6
  • Emergency opening via hand crank


If door speed is a high priority the EFA-STT® CR is the ideal solution, fully TÜV-certified for use in clean rooms up to ISO class 6.

This high-speed door opens and closes up to 2.5 m/s under constant use and is ideally suited to minimise pressure exchange. The single walled transparent laths form a solid door blade and are kept in distance when the door opens thanks to the patented spiral guidance mechanism. Therefore, the EFA-STT® model from the CR Series will remain transparent with door sizes of up to 4 x 5 metres for many years!

  • Lower maintenance costs than a conventional transparent door for clean rooms
  • 5 years’ transparency warranty!
  • Designed for 200,000 operating cycles per annum as part of programmed maintenance with customised inspection intervals
  • Resists extremely high pressures
  • Stainless and RAL options


The sealing and compact door

With the SRT-CRC®, EFAFLEX has developed a door type specifically in response to the needs of the cosmetic and pharmaceutical industries, where effective sealing and space requirements are critical. The door model is characterised by its compact design, reduced headroom requirements and slim supporting legs. Air loss is reduced to a minimum even under strong pressure on the door curtain.

  • Maximum door sizes 3500mm x 3500mm
  • ISO Class 6 certification
  • TLG integrated
  • New control EFA-Tronic integrated
  • Excellent sealing results at moderate pressures
  • Slim door legs and headroom requirement
  • Door control, motor and operating devices integrated in door structure
  • Easy emergency opening by spring tension and handle
  • Stainless steel and RAL options

Our blueprint for success

  1. EFAFLEX knows your industry. You benefit from a wealth of experience in a class of its own.
  2. EFAFLEX is the inventor of the high-speed secure door. We set the benchmark when it comes to safety, reliability and economic efficiency in operation and the perfect maintenance of doors.
  3. EFAFLEX monitors every phase from planning to production, installation and maintenance to replacement, extension or exchange. We do not sell doors for clean rooms – we provide solutions.
  4. EFAFLEX is a quality company. You will only find components installed in every EFAFLEX door that are designed without any compromise on functionality and durability right down to the very smallest screw.
  5. EFAFLEX takes responsibility. People are what make a solution good quality. Even if we are one of the industry leaders, it is the commitment of every single employee that makes the crucial difference. We’re only happy if our customers are happy.

Service, way beyond just the door

Professional project management: the path to success

Doors for clean rooms are an integral part of a production process. To guarantee 100% reliability they have to be serviced just like any other technical equipment. EFAFLEX doors have a highly modular structure; all the parts are quickly and easily accessible and can be replaced quickly. Fast, good service is an integral part of the door system for clean rooms at EFAFLEX.

Use our expertise: involve us early in the planning phase for your clean room. As a result of our more than 40 years of experience we know which clean room door and specifications will solve your problem perfectly. When it comes to clean rooms in particular, it’s not just the number and position of the doors that matter but their integration into the entire logistics concept.

Applied development, fast production – punctual delivery

Sometimes it’s not just the speed of the door that matters but also how quickly it can be at the installation site. Thanks to a strong development department, modern and highly flexible production and highly qualified trained staff we produce customised door systems for clean rooms at extremely short notice too.

Assembly: inspection and responsibility

Before a door leaves our plant, all the assembly groups are thoroughly tested and faultless. To ensure this quality is maintained for the product and function, we only accept qualified personnel trained or certified by us in assembly. EFAFLEX accepts responsibility for the entire “door system for clean rooms” all over the world.

EFAFLEX - Clean room high-speed door applications. Faster……Safer……Cleaner…..For Longer……

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