Brecon sells Dutch cleanroom cleaning specialist WERO to CWS

CWS Cleanrooms has acquired the company that has a portfolio including the entire range of cleaning tasks for all ISO Class 3 to ISO Class 9 certified cleanroom classes

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EN 17141: Putting it into context

The new European standard outlines the importance of understanding the risks of microbial contamination. Being able to ...

QleanAir makes $700,000 contract renewal for six cleanrooms in the US

The Sweden-based company has renewed the full-service and maintenance contract for six USP and compliant cleanrooms

Ecolab launches mixed-reality virtual visits for life sciences industry

Using mixed-reality tools, Ecolab can bring experts on-site virtually to quickly and safely review, diagnose and solve ...

Dry ice blasting cleaning effectiveness and when to use it?

The particle blasting method of cleaning can be utilised effectively across a wide range of surfaces using CO2 pellets ...

Cleanroom Technology Conference goes hybrid

Taking place on the 14-15 September, the hybrid event will provide professionals exclusive insights and updates for the ...

ABN Cleanroom Technology finishes high-tech Mogema cleanroom

ABN has finished the expansion, working with TRU 100% Cleanroom Cleaning for cleaning and validation

Identification methods for bacterial isolates

Identification of bacterial isolates provides vital information for companies undertaking environmental monitoring ...

Sterigenics increases sterilisation capacity with French facility expansion

Sotera Health subsidiary has expanded its ethylene oxide facility in Rantigny France

Elis strengthens European cleanroom presence with acquisition

By way of acquisition, Elis has strengthened its presence in Belgium and enhanced the supply chain of products

Clearing the air: The new rules of automated airborne disinfection

As of October 2020, regulators have changed from requiring efficacy data using the French standard NFT 72-281 to a new ...

Contamination: The challenge to isolate, characterise, and identify the diminishingly small

Physical contamination is impossible to completely remove, but appropriate controls can get you as close as possible. ...

Cleanroom industry 2020: A year in review

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Tickets now on sale for 2021 UK Cleanroom Technology Conference

Super early bird tickets are now on sale for the annual conference due to take place 14 - 15 September 2021

Contec partners with solar specialist to offset 53% of electricity usage

Contec has recently partnered with Pisgah Energy and Southern Current to design, develop, and install a roof and ground- ...