LOTUS Systems for cleanroom solutions


LOTUS Systems supplies customised chemical supply and disposal and wet process systems which are specially adapted to customer needs.

Designed for the smallest footprints, all requirements, such as the exhaust, electrical devices and chemical supply/dilution can be situated in the optimal position for the customer's facility. LOTUS Systems in-house programmer is also able to customise operating software exactly to customer demands. Existing software can be adapted or a new system implemented based on the skill-sets of the operators if they are familiar with particular operating systems. For the solar market, the company has the lowest cost of ownership in the industry for its recirculation systems, ensuring the use of medium and DI-water is minimised along with space. Where cost-effectiveness is an issue, LOTUS Systems' customers regard the company as their premier supplier. The modular design of the systems makes them easy to access, simple to service and flexible. HOT-PHOS, Marangoni-Drying, KOH-Process, Megasonic Devices or other processes and systems can be easily integrated into the wetbenches. LOTUS Systems – small foot print, easy to service, best price-value ratio combined with the highest technical standards.