West offers steam-sterilised plungers for prefillable glass syringes

West Pharmaceutical Services, a manufacturer of systems and components for injectable drug administration, has announced a new line of steam-sterilised plungers for prefillable glass syringes.

The Westar Ready-to-Use (RU) steam-sterilised plungers can mitigate risk of chemical and physical deterioration of plungers through a steam sterilisation cycle that can minimise impact on the elastomerís physical characteristics and on chemical oxidation and degradation during the plungersí shelf life, the Lionville, PA, US-based firm says.

The new plungers can also decrease the number and lower the levels of extractables, with less potential for interaction between the plunger and the drug; and improve the function of the prefilled syringe due to lower and more consistent break loose forces.

The Westar RU steam sterilisation process is fully validated and supported by Westís technical and regulatory expertise.

Plungers are available from West and its long-time partner, Daikyo Seiko. They fit standard prefillable syringes and comply with US, European and Japanese pharmacopeias.