Validair expands despite the recession

The company describes itself as being a one-stop shop in the field of clean and controlled environments

Even though the recession has bitten, Validair has expanded its business over the last 18 months with two acquisitions in the field of validation and construction packages.

Based in Darlington, Diamond Scientific was acquired in February 2009, and dovetails neatly into Validair’s testing and certification arm – Validair Euro. Towards the end of last year, the other acquisition took place – that of Malvern-based Facility Monitoring Systems. With its expertise in supply, installation, servicing and calibration of continuous and compliant environmental monitoring systems, this company will fit into the Validair Projects side of the business and will enhance the scope of services offered by the Validair Group of Companies.

Validair Euro was established in 1989 as a validation test house within the contamination control industry. In early 2003 the company’s services further expanded with the creation of Validair Projects – a company dedicated to providing cleanroom design consultancy, construction and project management services.

Although Validair has always offered its services across the entire British Isles from its base in Wrotham, Kent, the acquisition of these two new companies gives ideal geographical sites in the Midlands and the North of England, for even quicker response to customers’ needs.

This was an important factor, as Validair director Steve Ward explains: 'We have always worked nationwide, but there are many potential clients who might have a perception of problems if you don’t have an office nearby.

'The other real advantage,' he continues, 'is that we add to our already extensive skill bases. Training up people to do the work is time-consuming, but having additional fully qualified personnel overnight is a massive benefit.”

The services on offer from the Validair Group of Companies are extensive: the company describes itself as a ‘one-stop shop’ in the field of clean and controlled environments.

Validair brings to the marketplace everything from feasibility studies and design to construction, testing and validation of the facility, including the installation of environmental monitoring systems as an integral part of the cleanroom or as a stand-alone system supply direct to the end user or project developer.

Commenting on the acquisitions, Ward says: 'While the country may have had to contend with a recession, we have managed to continue to build our business – the acquisition of Diamond Scientific and Facility Monitoring Systems is further evidence of our continued success.'

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