Teknipure launches non-shedding microfibre wipe


Innovative solution is aimed at contamination control engineers

US-based Teknipure has introduced a new hybrid microfibre wipe in response to un-met critical cleaning demands.

According to the company, customers have expressed significant concerns regarding contamination left behind by the very products intended to remove it, mainly fibres typically 80-100µm released from wipes as a result of use.

Cleanroom knit wipes release fibres when used with abrasive deposition/contamination or sharp edges. Sealed edges and borders on these materials do not address surface fibre loss, says Teknipure. Synthetic knit wipes are typically used in cleanrooms due to their intrinsic purity; however, extrinsic performance can be lacking.

The new Teknipure microfibre wipe is said to combine the best properties of many products. It is a mixed weave (patent pending) construction with maximised random surface area to provide best pick up, extremely strong (120psi tear strength), very soft, and is cleaned to ppb-ppt values.

The new product can be used on surfaces as rough as >400 Ra to as smooth as <5 Ra without damage to product or wipe. It has good ‘pick up and hold’ characteristics, and any contaminant captured is locked by the micro wedges and cannot be released. This reduction in ‘releasable contaminants’ allows focus to be placed on what the wipe removes, rather than what it leaves behind.

As an added benefit, the wipe is lightweight, reducing landfill waste by up to 40%, and requires minimal amounts of solvent for maximum attraction state, thereby reducing solvent consumption and VOCs.

“This new product is a culmination of extensive market and manufacturing r&d, and will be a defining product for Teknipure and contamination control, as its construction and performance are unlike any other cleanroom wipe,” says Christopher Heiland, vice president.

Teknipure utilises Statistical Process Control throughout the manufacture of its range of critical use wipes. Cleanroom wipes are available in a variety of substrate and processing options to ensure maximum performance. All packaging, laundering and converting are done in Class 10 and Class 100 cleanrooms.