Sourcing specialist products for 3M Security Printing & Systems

11-Aug-2011 happy to source non-standard products

3M Security Printing & Systems Ltd has been ordering contamination control consumables from its preferred supplier,, for more than two years.

In April 2011, 3M Security Printing & Systems contacted the customer service team, as it needed help sourcing a particular product.

The client was looking for some non-standard sized Tyvek lab coats as it wanted visitors to the site to feel comfortable and found that often the standard lab coats provided were not a roomy fit. The client knew from previous experience that welcomes the opportunity to help clients by sourcing difficult-to-find products, so got in contact for assistance.

The team quickly sourced some suitable non-standard size Tyvek lab coats and quoted the client. To combat the lead-time on the bespoke items, proposed to introduce the lab coats as a standard product so that the client’s future orders should be fulfilled promptly.

The client has now begun ordering the specially sourced product so visitors can feel comfortable when

touring its facility. “The next day delivery and the customer service is spot on,” says the account contact at 3M Security Printing & Systems. “I am happy with the service and I would recommend them.”

The larger lab coat sizes have also been added to’s standard product range so any customer can now order them. Stock is being held so future orders can be met on the standard next day delivery service. is customer-focused and happy to source non-standard products, if what you are looking for is not within its extensive product range.

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