Reduce contamination with a cleanroom sticky mat


Innotech’s products now distributed more widely

Innotech’s cleanroom sticky mats are now available worldwide.

The peel-off mats from the St Paul, Minnesota-based firm have 30 layers of a thin but tough polyethylene film coated with a medium-tack adhesive, which removes dirt and other bacteria-carrying particles from footwear, casters, and trolley wheels as they cross over the mat into cleanrooms and other controlled environments.

The firm says the mats are not damaged by shoes, boots, or wheels and are available with an adhesive backing to secure them to the floor. In areas where the adhesive backing is not ideal, such as on a carpet, the firm supplies aluminium sticky mat frames to secure the mats to the floor, which improve the look and portability of the mats.

Although these sticky mats were designed for cleanrooms, construction companies also use them. They prevent dirt, sawdust, and other particles from being tracked through a new hospital, office or house.

Innotech’s adhesive tacky mats are available in several sizes and colours, with options for customised versions printed with a company logo or design.

Each tack mat has a corner tab numbered consecutively from 1–30 to assure that only one sheet is peeled off at a time. The standard option has 30 sheets per mat and 4 mats per case, although large pack adhesive mats are available with 40 sheets per mat and 6 mats per case.