RASIRC relocates to larger facility


Company doubles manufacturing and development space

The new space includes a class 1,000 cleanroom

US-based steam purification company RASIRC has relocated its global operations to a significantly larger facility. The new 19,500ft2 space includes a class 1,000 cleanroom for manufacturing products for the photovoltaic industry. RASIRC products deliver ultra-pure water vapour for semiconductor, photovoltaics, nanotechnology, and other manufacturing applications.

RASIRC is experiencing continued growth in demand for its products, particularly steamers for photovoltaic passivation films for the solar industry and humidity control for semiconductor manufacturing. In the solar industry, RASIRC products deliver ultra-pure steam that is needed to form oxidation layers that improve solar energy capture efficiency.

In addition, steam can be used in conjunction with phosphorous or boron doping to improve the emitter profile. For the semiconductor industry, ultra-pure steam is used for generating oxide films on semiconductor wafers in diffusion and rapid thermal processing. Additional uses include wafer cleaning of next generation films and atomic layer deposition for high K layers.

"Rapid growth in RASIRC products required a new facility to handle higher volumes," said Jeffrey Spiegelman, RASIRC founder and president. "This expansion allows us to handle the increased production and doubles our r&d lab space.

"The transition from an r&d to a manufacturing company is demonstrated by the increase in our orders from both new and repeat customers. The market validation of our products has enabled us to move into a new and larger facility, significantly increase staffing levels, and enabling us to fund development of further innovation."