Porvairís membrane filters ensure higher flow rates

These pleated membrane cartridges ensure higher flow rates, lower pressure differentials and faster process times

Porvair Filtration Groupís polymeric membrane filters are said to meet the most stringent international regulatory guidelines. The rigorous construction of these pleated membrane cartridges ensures higher flow rates, lower pressure differentials and faster process times, the company says.

Independently verified to meet USP Class VI and ISO 10993, each filter is provided with a certificate of quality. Manufacturing takes place in an ISO Class 5 cleanroom in accordance with accredited quality procedures and the membrane is protected from damage during production by the inner and outer drainage layers that maintain the pleat pack structure.

The filter's inner core comprises a thermoplastic material that further supports the pleat pack and draws the filtrate through its perforations to the outlet of the cartridge. Snugly encased in a polymeric outer cage and securely fitted with sanitary design adaptors that provide optimal sealing and safety against bypass, each cartridge is identified by a serial number embossed on the outer sleeve, providing full traceability to all FDA CFR 21 and EC-approved manufacturing components.

The supply chain is closely monitored with in-house production of the filterís outer cage, core and end cap. Careful attention to package design minimises the chance of damage to the filters during transit and storage, says Porvair.

Assurance of the high quality of Porvair membrane cartridge filters is further demonstrated by post-manufacture integrity testing, which is a non-destructive means of determining oversized pores or defects.

The integrity test parameters employed by Porvair are correlated to the filter's microbial retention capabilities as determined during validation in accordance with ASTM F838-05, HIMA and PDA Technical Reports 26 and 40. Any filter that fails integrity testing is immediately discarded.

Porvair Filtration Group is an international leader in the development and supply of materials and products for applications in filtration and separation. It has offices and manufacturing sites in the UK, Europe and the US and a worldwide network of distributors.