New US service for precision cleaning


The US company provides component and equipment cleaning for applications such as oxygen services

Cleaning is carried out by Momentum Services in a ISO Class 7 cleanroom

US-based MOGAS Industries Inc has set up a new division, Momentum Services, that will be responsible for industrial customers requiring precision cleaning of equipment for stringent service.

It has cleanrooms that are ISO Class 7 (Class 10,000) certified and are 100% focused on precision cleaning. For example, cleaning equipment for oxygen service is an important step prior to installing into a serious application. Having impurities, especially hydrocarbons, in an oxygen-enriched system can cause unacceptable product purity issues or present a dangerous combustion hazard. It is critical to properly clean components for oxygen systems to eliminate the potential for such issues.

Sam Furman, VP of Operations said: “Unlike other cleanrooms in this region, Momentum Services will have the capability of handling heavy components with our 2, 3 and 5 ton cranes. We currently have over 3,000 ft2 of clean environment with more than 1,400 ft2 of that footprint dedicated to procedural cleaning, assembly and packaging. Also of great interest is Momentum Services’ uncommon ability to adapt to a variety of shapes and sizes from small to large and from standard shapes to unusual configurations. This includes everything from valves, piping, tubing, fittings and other industrial equipment.”

Furman added, “Our service technicians will prepare, clean and verify each component according to strict customer specifications and relevant industry standards. After each item is thoroughly cleaned, they will be bagged, labelled and fully documented.”

The ability to clean components locally will have a great impact on the delivery schedules of customers within the greater Houston area, says the company.

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